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Derya Albayrak

I am an earthlover, illustrator, nature-based ceremony weaver, designer, community builder, a Council carrier and facilitator, storymaker, gardener, cook, dancer and lover. I love making arts, working with my hands' wisdom. Also, I am passionate in creating spaces for intimacy, truth and growth by remembering the old ways.

I want to be in service to new paradigm story makers with my storyteller skills, listening presence and maker hands to community-based projects, initiatives, artist, writers, dreamers, healers, lovers. 

If your project is connected to these themes I think we can work with a lot of enthusiasm!

How my illustration art and graphic design can be in service to your project?

1. Giving visual depth and a boost of creativity to your books, booklets, magazines and presentations.

2. Creation of engaging visual charts, mind maps, infographics to inspire thinking for your customers or team members.

3. Artistic transformation of your packaging, limited edition label design to make your product stand out.

4. Art direction, branding and styling of your projects.

Below are some project topics that I am interested in:

-Children's Book

-Food and Farming 

-Natural Cosmetic

-Eco Conscious Business
-Sacred Sexuality
-Earth-Based Ancient Culture & Rituals
-Evolution of Human & Nature Soul
-Ecocentric Soulwork

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